"Constantly challenging ourselves to do something different, that has not been attempted before in our market, is what sets Kitchen Classics apart from its competitors. If an idea is dreamed of - something new and innovative, the team at Kitchen Classics will put its experienced design and technical skills to the test and find a solution to make our client's dreams become a reality.

With our strong network of architects and builders in the industry that share our vision of ensuring each kitchen is uniquely different, Kitchen Classics has over the past 22 years grown into the exclusive player that it is today. With the kitchen arguably being one of the most crucial areas of the modern home, planning and investing adequate resources in this area will undoubtedly enhance the clients' enjoyment of the kitchen, as well as add capital appreciation to one's investment.

We encourage our clients to involve the expertise and skills of our design team early in the build process so as to share ideas and suggestions before the structure of the home is finalised. Once a client gives Kitchen Classics the go ahead, the team will work closely with all the other parties on the project to ensure the smooth implementation and installation.

Kitchen Classics lives by the motto that "If it's not good enough for our own home it would not be good enough for our clients".